Friday, 28 June 2013

A new Little one............

Well here it is but It's not right first of all I couldn't figure out how to pull all the stitches together at the top of the flower pedal.. and the edging didn't come quite right so I have to challenge myself to do it again until I find it right... there weren't any direction just a diagram to look at and like I said I have never really learned to understand directions or diagrams for that but I have been trying to learn. I figure if I keep trying I will hopefully eventually get it... ~PRAYING HARD~  Well I still like it anyways

This is the original ones, which I now realized that the first pink one I saw have more to it and she didn't add the knobs in between the pedals.  Mine is closer to this version except that I couldn't do the ending gathering of the pedals and my edging came curled a bit.. I don't know the size of the needle used or anything..It was fun anyways...I'm thinking maybe they used a different needle..

My Green Heart Sachet... matches.. I like this lite green color..Well that's all for now ... Happy Weekend Love n Hugs..

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