Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'm still working on my red round doily, just a few more rows to go about six or so I believe.. and I already have another idea in mind.. I took a trip to Beverly's On Sunday and picked up some more Embroidery thread and crocheting thread and finally some thread to finish my grandson's blanket.. Phew..It's been forever in the waiting........

I bought this tray the other day at my local Drug store, they always have the cutest things in there I actually ended up buy two one large and a small one with a red knife.. really cute.. You can't really see the tray though will have to get some photos of it..

I love this pattern, I have made it several times, the first being red and white. The original was Blue and White. that I found at a Salvation Army.. then I made a couple for my oldest daughter in Purple and Beige.. I forgot how to do this one part it's a little tricky but I finally figured it out again.. I can't wait till I finish ... I have a few more started projects that I want to finish before I start on my new one. The new one is going to take a long while to complete.  Not going to tell you what it is till later on.. A surprise.. then I also want to see if it's going to work out first as well..

I want to make two of these in a smaller version so there will be a large one and two smaller ones.. I'm considering to give these to my oldest daugher for her kitchen which is Red colors etc.  I hadn't noticed till just now you can see part of the Red & White in the first picture if you look good..

Well that's all for now... be back soon... love to hear from you... Janice



  1. Hi Janice! How beautiful, I love the red thread and the delicate pattern. You really got me excited about making doilies again. I am making two for my end tables upstairs. I am doing them in light pink. I have finished the first and I am about half way done on the second. I'll post some pictures when I get them finished. I am hoping to enter them in the country fair this fall. I hope that you are having a nice tuesday! With Love, Delisa :)

  2. Gorgeous, Janice. Just gorgeous. Susan

  3. Thank you Delisa and Susan for leaving a comment your the best . .hugs