Monday, 4 August 2014

Well today since I have finished my doily, I thought I think it's time to back track and finish up some projects that I haven't.. So one of the things I had been working on before was my Embroidery which I hadn't done in years.. I had started two pillow cases a while back ago

I found these perfect White pillow cases at a Goodwill with tating on the bottom for nearly nothing I think like 2 dollars.. brand new.. so I brought them home washed them and decided I wanted Roses on them.. so I bought some Rose Patterned transfers and Ironed them on.. and got busy.

This is only the first one I hadn't finished because Mama needed my help. So now it's time to re start and finish them up...

So everyone this is my new project till finished.. and maybe in between making my Sunflower Squares
for my blanket as well,.. Yes I can do two projects..when I get tired of Embroidering I can crochet.. 
lol.. but yes My new goals 

I had fun crocheting with friends. Now it's time to slow it down a bit
Have a wonderful 
Happy Embroidering...


  1. Hello Janice. In case you forgot that I told you, YOU ARE SOOOOO TALENTED. The embroidered rose pillowcases are going to be GORGEOUS. They will be perfect in your "new" cottage when it's all done! Susan

  2. Susan... I thank you so much.. I can't wait to get it all done...

  3. Your stitching is very pretty. Enjoy your time with the needle. :) ((hugs))

    1. Thanks Stitchy,, I'm going to give it a try.. It's been a long while.. ( Hugs back )