Saturday, 26 September 2015

Catching up..

      Helo good evening everyone.  My little Vintage pot holder dress is just about finished.  
      Usually I do the same around the neck area as the arms but Im not sure if thats what I
Want to do with it...
      First I was thinking to add this Rose but also changed my mind to that...
      I decided to do something else with it while Im decided how I want to finish up the dress...

     I also made this little coaster I had another one in a moss-green 
almost done but when I wasn't looking my grandson decided to crochet 
And undid the whole thing...    I really wanted to cry, but lol I didn't and now the string is tangled 
Up... I ve been trying to un do it...
                       i like this pattern

So heres where Iam with love
Happy crocheting


  1. Such a pretty little dress! Love the coaster too. ♥

  2. Pretty little everythings! Love the little dress.

  3. Wow! beautiful crochet work are you doing!
    I'm your new followers
    I thank you for your visit and great comments to my autumn top, I am very happy,

    Best regards from Germany