Saturday, 7 November 2015

NEw but old doily changed colors..

HElo everyone good afternoon.. 
thought I'd share with you my newest doily that I made we did this one together last year.. I re made it but in different colors.. I love this doily..
I made it to match a new teapot well fairly new that I had purchased...
When I first started I had no clue what I was making it for.. then all of a sudden it popped in my mind hey 
I need a doily for my tea pot and started using the red on the last row of the ruffle.. 
Then I put more off White then though I needed more color on the end why not put 
three colors and I added a row more where the off White was 

With my catch up I have completed another doily that was almost finished but I put it 
down for something else...

Two down.. and a lot more to finish up... 
Happy Saturday and Happy Crocheting
with love