Thursday, 11 February 2016

New things coming about...

     Hello all, yes I have been away for some time... I was sick forever and I feel like I'am coming down with something else already I have barely been well...  My two grandchildren that live with me go to day care and bring everything home and whatever they catch I catch...  At any rate I been crocheting and finally started working on a blanket that I wanted to make forever ago.  Finally had a few extra dollars and Beverly's and Michael had a Red-heart sale ...  Yay 🌺
     So I started in making my granny squares in a lot of different colors...
     It has been a long while since I've made a granny square blanket.
     I need 42 large squares to complete the  square part...  I'am almost there. Like 10 more I think...
Then comes the task of putting them together...  I would probably be done already but I have stopped to do other things...
     I decided to make a matching doily...  I have the original which is starting to fall apart and I have made the middle portion many times...  But I thought would it not be pretty in many colors like my blanket...  The hardest part which isn't is the roses and this part the main part is to simple...
         I have five completed and there are thirteen all together...  Twelve for the end to go around the main part and one in the middle...  I only have seven colors I think so The best thing is to do two of each and then I wasn't sure which color for the middle since one of the colors were olive green...
     I don't think I want a green rose...specially not fot the center...  So brain stormer that I'am I thought 
Since there are several layers of pedals I will make each different colors will see how it works though 
Not sure it will work...  I also made sweet hearts last night and today, which I posted on my main blog...  Mz. Witherspoons Cottage...
      ( made this placemat today, which can be found on youtube ). I forgot her name...
             I love this one forever...
             These two last night
     The last one... I had fun,  thanks for stopping bye have a wonderful evening with love Janice



  1. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous creations !!!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  2. You do such gorgeous work, Janice! I love all your color choices!

  3. Beautiful work. A young friend is getting married next January and the hearts would be perfect. Where can I find the patterns? Thank you.

    1. Deatest Marjorie look up crocheted hearts on you tube. And you find many there. I watched a video there on the how to but I believe they aslo have links to the patterns.

  4. I am so sorry you have been so ill. Your crochet is though, lovely as always.

  5. There's a lot of sickness going on in our home too. It seems it's hard to stay well this winter. Glad you're back to crocheting. Your granny blanket is coming along nicely.
    xx Beca