Wednesday, 30 January 2013

One row left...

 Purples are one of my favorite colors....I was on a visit to my favorite place Love Joy's Attic which I'm always calling the tea house ... any how she has this place in the shop where she put five dollar doilies. and there was this beautiful pink one and I of course couldn't resist buying it along with my other things, which I can't remember what that was... I remember at the time I was buying different things with violets and mostly pansy's on them meaning tea cups pots and linens..So I thought to myself I'm going to make this in purples but I also want some green ... so that's just what I did...

 I forgot to take of photo of just the original one in pink n white..It's in the back ground of this photo which is hard to see...but here is the middle of it completed.

                                    Now I have started the edging on it .... with a light lilac...

 I finished all the lilac did a couple of rows of dark purple then decided I'm going to end it with the sage green. 

I just love it though Mom didn't seem to be crazy about it, but then again she isn't crazy about much.. (sorry Mom)

Here's the thing I'm done except for one row and lol let me tell you It's been sitting there for month's.
I got a itch to make something else so I put it down instead of completing the last row.
I put it up and I picked it up the other day and though really Janice you need to finish this dear doily.
and now I want to make it in Pink..

                   So I think before I do any other color I need to put this last row on.. don't you...

I'm amazed at what I have taught myself...I want to learn more and more and more.
My inspiration for choosing the colors that I did....

See you soon, have a great day...much love


  1. You make the prettiest dollies. My favorite color is purple. take care, Darlene

    1. thank you so much Darlene...I love purples too...

  2. Oh Janice! Gorgeous. Love, love, love your purple. How can you DO that? Impressive. Love the cup and saucer that match, too. Great job! Susan

    1. Thank you Susan...I taught myself basically I'm getting better and better at it...

  3. Lovely crochet pieces and tea vignette!