Friday, 8 February 2013

My second doily I ever made...My favorite...Star

Helo everyone.... I going to introduce my favorite star doily to you...It was actually my first round doily that I ever made... I started making square doilies first because they seemed to be the most easiest for me to learn just back and forth...
My oldest daughter had this doily in burgundy and white  a Spanish woman made them for her. So one day I borrowed it and gave it a whirl and I did it to my surprise...

Now by this time and pink color probably I have made around 25 different colors...I love this doily
 Two of these were made and a sweet lady name Lauren

I have made so many different colors..recently I have made them in red and white but I switched up the pattern a wee post I will show you what I did..
all finished...
Served up just for you......I make them in any colors you wish .... for $13.50 each...or two for $25.00
Wishing you all a lovely grand weekend....enjoy..hope you like my star doily...
                                                       Be back soon....


  1. Hi Janice,
    Lovely work! I like the two tone work, so vintage style:-)