Thursday, 28 March 2013

Finishing Isaiah's Blanket

Helo I'm Isaiah Sincere Bonilla, and my Grandma has been crocheting this blanket for me which seems to be taking forever.... Hurry up please  Indeed I have It's actually would have been done but Isaiah's mommy requested it that it be more bigger...hummm that mean Grandma has to go buy more yarn cause I'm basically out of it....

I was all the way at the end ready to but an edging on...when she requested the change.
I do love the result of it a few more times around before I end it won't be a big when pay time comes it's off to Beverly's for yarn...So the end results will have to wait a little bit longer...wishing you a great Janice

1 comment:

  1. Isaiah is sooo darling and that is a beautiful blanket! I love the color combination. I hope you post a picture of it with the edging. Have a great day :)