Thursday, 4 April 2013

A new one............and pink at that

Helo my friends, I just thought I'd drop in and show you what I'm up to since I haven't picked up the new yarn needed to finish Isaiah's blanket. I have had these two beige crocheted rounds on my coffee table for ever and I'm almost certain they are maybe machine made. 

I simply adore them... cause for one they aren't very big and they look nice under tea cups I have a coaster that sits on them and a candle holder that sits inside that.  So last nite as I was sitting on the sofa, I though hummm why lets give it a whirl.
The photos are kind of dark cause it was last evening..with just the lamp on..
There that helps a little bit..I put it in the ashtray to see it better......

I seem to be able so far to figure it out, I had a little bit of trouble in the beginning but I think I made one mistake...
The most of it seems simple enough..I hope it works out, I just love these and If I can get them in pink I'd be more than happy..
Lovin it...............yay!!!! looks like I got it but I still need to figure out one part in the beginning that didn't come right even though it still worked.

Almost finished but I got tired and went to bed..going to try to finish it up tonite ...Hoping you had 
a great week..It's almost Friday 
hugs Janice


  1. Oh that is beautiful! And such a pretty color too. I do love crochet and hope to get back to some soon.
    You have a lovely blog, and I saw your other blog as well. Both of them very nice.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. I think you are right, my teapot was from the Victoria collection back in the 90s sometime. I bought it at an antique mall. But the backstamp mentions Victoria.

  2. Thank you Terri for stoppin in and joining my croching blog..glad you like them both..Love that tea pot..`!