Saturday, 2 March 2013

New Inspiration...

Just decided to change my room to another color for Spring time...this is the pattern...
Last night I woke up around three am..couldn't sleep so I decided to do some crocheting but something new even though I haven't finished some others..
It's going to be a star doily with mauve and white to match the room..
Starting the white for the rest of the star...

The new pictures on the wall...the photos didn't come out to good..
but hopefully the new doily will
bye for now 
see you soon


  1. that pattern looks like the one on my couch...very pretty soft colors...looking forward to what you've completed..

  2. Love your Spring bedroom. Take care, Darlene

  3. It's a lovely pattern...thank you ladies..

  4. Oh Janice, your bedroom is going to be lovely. Loved the doily with the pink star in the middle.

    Hope things with your daughter and grandchild are much, much better. Susan

    1. They are home now for how long who knows...but things are better thank you Susan for inquiring...hugs