Monday, 20 May 2013

New temptations...

Well good afternoon ladies, I have found a new temptation. A Crocheted ???.I thought I give it a try.. since I'm not so good at reading instructions. It's really very pretty. 

I'm pretty excited about it..I saw this the other day and thought to myself can I do this, well the only way to find out is try today I'm at Mom's trying and I did it, the first part of it..wait till you see what I'm going to think that you can guess ???  I don't believe that you can figure it out....hehe

 It's a Granny Square, but what am I going to make with them ??? 
                             A Blanket ....NO... I so can't wait to get it done so I can show you...It's so cute...So this is my first six of these to make and four regular ones...

These are my colors, off White, Leaf, and Pink rose but I need one more color, and I think I'm going to use black...these were bought at Beverly's ..Stay tuned.....see ya soon...O I almost forgot...Here is the Result of My Vingtage Doily Dress Pot Holder.. I'm loving it and so is my Family...It came out it's ready for Sale... $25.00 plus 2 dollars for shipping...

                             Just need to put the hanger on...
                                           see ya soon


  1. hi janice, thank you for messaging me in my blog..I do not know why the translator dosen't work, I might have to change my way of giving tutorials easy to understand ..thank you so much..hugs!

    1. Helo Dinah, thank you for stopping by later on I got it to work...strange things happen in blog land at times.. who know..I love your blog..and thank you for joining me on my new blog .. hugs ...

  2. Talented, talented, talented. That's what you are, Janice. I could NEVER make all the gorgeous things you make. Great job! Susan

    1. O my gosh...I'm blushing...there are way better crocheters than I but I truly appreciate your comment Susan ..thank you bunches ... hugs..

  3. Very nice....
    Have a great and creative day !