Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Re-post... Busy As A Bee

 I'm sorry I had to re-post for the life of me I don't know what happened with my whole post .. It just disappeared and some how posted just this photo.. Really strange..

So this is what I did over the holiday weekend... I made a couple of things.. this was one which turned out very nice I'm completely happy with it and want to make another in a different color...

As you know I crochet by what I see, I picked up the original years ago at Saver's the local second had store we used to have here.. and I really miss that place.. anyhow ..
The middle area on the original was like a flower but I couldn't figure out how to make it..I tried and tried.. they made the three triple crochets and at the top they were gathered to one.. like a daisy so I just left it like this and continued maybe later on I can figure it out..

The more that I did the more I liked it and ended up finishing it by the next day.. Wow but you know when you want to see the results of something you work you fingers to the bone.. My oldest daughter's always saying she wished she had more than one set of hands to embroidery crochet and get it all done at once..

Now it's time to add the edge.. which I decided to change it up.. and I think I really like it..

Almost finished..
                              Are you ready ..

The photo doesn't do it justice, it's so pretty in person..
It's just perfect for my Chinese Tea Pot...
Then I got the notion to crochet another little piece I must have had for 20 years but never thought I could copy it till now.. funny it is..
The original to the right in pink and greens and I have always loved it and not the thread is getting weak..
It was really simple to do but just never did it 
                                        Working on the front piece.. almost finished
Here is the back side piece.. it's very simple but very sweet.. again my photos aren't the best and I believe it's like a hot pad..
                                                   Time to crochet them together ..
almost done...
I'm loving it truly... so happy I made it...
All finished.. I wish you could see them in person or I had a better camera to show you..
I also started something else which I will post later on... wishing you a lovely Wednesday..
See you soon Happy Crocheting .. Janice


  1. Lovely !
    Have a nice day !

  2. Beautiful work Janice..I love the pic with your pretty blue and white china!
    Susan x

  3. Lovely crochet! Have a nice day , Sônia Maria