Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What's New, Come see..

                                                           "Are you Ready"...
 Well I had gotten sick with a huge Sinus infection and of course I couldn't do much so I had found these little hearts to crochet and I love them.. So later after the emergency I made some more. . Then I thought what can I do with these tiny things.. hang them in a row I thought ... Then all of sudden I thought well it couldn't hurt to try... So off I went and here is the results...

Her is the corner of it, can you figure what it is... I'm so happy that I figured this out..they came out cute..

This is the tiny heart in the middle...

Here it is It's a little lavender sachet for your drawer's or just to put where ever you want.. .. So they I had another vision ... and guess what I made another one but a little bit different..

I'm in love with them and plan to make many more in different colors..

These two are for sale @ $8.50 each plus $2. for shipping cost... they are hand sewn and crocheted  Lavender sachets...

          They smell so divine, I love lavender...I'm already working on a new one and it's almost finished..

The Back side.. so they are pretty on both sides.. The pink one is almost finished..If you are interested in purchasing any of them please let me know... I hope you like them.. My new creation... Enjoy

           Be Back soon have a lovely day....It's raining here in San Francisco today..go figure a summer day...........


  1. Lovely...
    Have a nice day !

  2. Love your new creations, Janice. You are SO TALENTED. Ohhhh, they will smell soooooo pretty with lavender inside them. Great job!

    Thanks, too, for your sweet visit to my blog. Love when you stop by. Susan

  3. helo Susan they are really prettier in person and they smell really good... thanks bunches... and thank you for stopping here ..

  4. Hi Janice, theses sachets are adorable. I used to make something very similar a few years ago. I agree with Susan you are very talented and I enjoy looking at all your new creations! Delisa :)

    1. Thanks Delisa, I'm trying to create my own things...

  5. Janice you are such a clever girl aren't you !
    I hung up my crochet hook a couple of years ago because it was making me dizzy going around and around a facecloth ! lol A friend and I took classes a few years ago. My friend flourished and I kind of lost interest and then made my friend just make what I wanted ! lol It is so funny when I look back on that class. I actually blogged about it a couple of years ago. I think what you have created is beautiful, you obviously have the love and the flair for it.
    Blessings and hugs across the miles, Melanie

  6. Thank you Melanie very sweet...well maybe one day you find a love for trying it again...