Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Look & see what's New for you...

Good morning, did I mention to you that I'am working on a new piece.. for a new line. 
My Shabby Chic pink popcorn line, that's what I'm calling it because it reminds me of pink popcorn  
I just couldn't wait to get this all finished so yesterday afternoon I was done.. and so happy with it...
All done a pretty little pink and white hot pad... just right for you Tea Party... I'm selling it for $12.50 plus 3 for shipping...
I have already started another piece which will be a multi colored star doily.. .. I'ts pink popcorn all over..
       The other square hot pad to match..
 Which is $ 8.50 plus $3.00 for shipping

And last the dress....  I hope you liked them... have a great day ...be back soon


  1. Hello Janice....You are immensely talented. Your doilies are works of art, in themselves. Susan

  2. Hi Janice, these are so beautiful! I especially love the little dress. You have got me in a doily making mood again. I really enjoy making pineapple doilies and Irish lace with the crocheted roses and leaves. I usually make mine in solid colors like white, eggshell or light pink. But I have to say you have got me "hooked" on this varigated pink thread. I am going to get some for my next project. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Happy crocheting! With Love, Delisa :)

  3. Thank you so much Susan, you make me feel so positive with my crocheting... and Delisa I wish I could get there soon I have never made pineapples but after the few projects I have going I will take my first attempt at making some.. These pictures don't do this justice but in person o boy I have to say the varigated pink and this white are so pretty together .. Hey maybe you can help me with the roses that go around the
    Rose doily...that be nice because I can't figure it out for the life of me... thank you so much ladies for your encouragement...Hugs and Love

  4. Love all the things you crochet. The dress potholder is so cute!