Saturday, 15 June 2013

So of course I have started another project and finished it all before I got my large doily finished and that's probably because I have to make I believe 13 roses to go around it and that's soon but then I have to figure out how to connect them and I'm not sure that I can...but anyways I got the notion like always to do something else
I decided to make another hot pad for my shabby chic line..I like the way it came out and it looks cut with the dress. I'm already working on another hot pad but a round one.. half ways there..
It looks darker here because I finished in the evening but it's really sweet.. I like this because the back has a different pattern..
So this is For Sale for $8.50 plus 3 for shipping..
 Here is the round I have started and I'm already on the second part then I can connect them together.
I'm excited about this's going to be very pretty in my opinion..can't wait to finish it. Hope you all are having a fab back soon to share more...Happy Crocheting with love Janice
                                       thank you for your comments..


  1. Hi Janice, another very pretty doily! I know just what you mean about making and attaching roses it can be a little challenging, especially when there are a lot to be made, but the result when it is all finished is so beautiful! I think that is probably why we don't see many doilies out there in the antique shops with roses on them. :) It takes a lot of patience and time. Sometimes when I am making roses, or granny squares I will make a goal to just make one a day or one a week. You will surprised how fast they start to pile up. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Delisa :)

  2. Thats a great idea Delisa a rose a day... and thank you for stopping by I so appreciate it.. The doilies are getting less and less in the Goodwill's everywhere..Happy Sunday..

  3. Fabulous doilies Janice! I've marked this blog to follow with Bloglovin and will be back to visit.

    1. Thank you Judith for your visit and glad you will come back again...hugs...Happy Monday...