Friday, 7 June 2013


Good Afternoon everyone, I'm just about done with the first part of my new doily... While I'm awaiting my new needles to come in. Since I lost the other one in the mail.. I started a new doily as you seen in the post before with a different size needle and it seems to be working out fine... so I'm at the end like I said, the last row
I had did several rows and had to rip some out cause talking to Mom I had made a mistake... but I on it now.
Here is my last row that I'm working on, It's a little bit different than the other's .
After this row I have to make 12 single roses to go around the doily and I'm hoping with Mom's help I can figure out how to connect them they are connected as your putting on the edge. So it looks like two pedals are connected to the large doily and two pedals are connected to the next two pedals of the single rose..
wish me luck.
 12 Of these just up until the black part then I have to put an edging on them.. So I'm sure in a couple of days I can get them done then the connecting will begin.. 
I hope your Friday has been going well, I'm just here with Mom hanging out.. So have a lovely weekend and I will see you soon.. I appreciate your comments ty 


  1. Your work is so beautiful! You need to open yourself and Etsy shop! It's free and you would be able to sell your pretty things! Keep up the beautiful work!

    1. Thank you.. I have though of it but I thought you had to pay a portion to them???

  2. Beautiful doilies, Janice! The rose is gorgeous and I like the plain pink ones too. I wish I could crochet. Something I've never learned to do.