Sunday, 7 July 2013

A little bit Of Forgotten Embroidery

I bought two pillow cases o my years ago at Woolworth store... I completed one and I was going to add his and hers on them, that's where the large H came from.. I found them today looking through some things.. The other, I had started but never completed it, don't know why I didn't finish them..  So I washed out the letter on the one.....but the stitching broke and started to tear a little bit on the material so hopefully after it dries I can repair it.. I  hung it on the line outside to dry.  I thought gee after all that cross stitching I never realized the material wasn't that strong..

I love the design a huge hat with Roses all over.. big ribbon.  Pretty Roses.. It was a lot of work but I enjoyed every minute of it.. So I'm thinking to get the other one finished..

 It's a shame they don't have Woolworth's any longer they had everything there.. and a lot of things like this..
I had found a nice pair of white pillow cases heavier with tated edges on them at the Goodwill a couple months back.. And I have some Rose tranfers I'm going to Iron on them. Was going to get that done last night but got to feeling not so good so I skipped it.. soon though..I did start another sachet in Purples.. getting read to sew the little lavender sachet today then close it all up..


Coming soon Purple sachet... have a great evening Janice...............


  1. Oh Janice, you really do beautiful work. So talented! Love the pillowcases. Congratulations. Susan

  2. Hi Janice, I too loved Woolworth and miss it very much. I always enjoyed going to the lunch counter as a child. I always picked out my embroidery projects there too. I loved embroidering pillowcases when I was a teenager. I think I started many more than I actually finished. :) I don't think I got to a point where I completed my projects consistently until I got in my mid twenties. I am working on a pink pineapple doily now. I have made this pattern before many times in white, but you inspired me to give it a try in pink! Have a fun day ahead. Delisa :)

  3. I like the pillowcase with the garden hat on it and really like the two colours of purple for another project.
    My mother used to take me to Woolworth's to have lunch at the counter and it was a big deal for me then.