Friday, 19 July 2013

Well of course I have been crocheting ... It never seems to stop.. something else always crosses my mind and I have to get on it... crocheting never ends... and I started a Embroidery project as well. . . I had found two pilllow cases with tatting on the edging  in white.. so I bought them for hardly nothing at all...And purchased an Embroidery transfer with roses.. So I finally Got it ironed on and started embroidering .. It's going to be so pretty when it's finished..

This is the bottom of an old vintage Tea towel with crocheted roses on the bottom

This is one of my favorite tea towels it belonged to my great aunt Vera...

Here is what I'm working on right now a round.. It has several more rows to completion.. it's a old vintage doily that I have made in several colors.. the last being a red and white version together this one will be just red.. I plant to make this in plain white as well.. ...Janice


  1. Janice, the color and the pattern of this are lovely. Where did you get the pattern from? Is it in written form, or is it one which you replicated off an original?

    1. It's one that I'm following from an vintage one that I found years ago.. Thank you Faith..