Thursday, 1 August 2013

Crocheted Flowers, Paper Clips and Pot Holders...

I have found another reason to make crocheted flowers... To put them on a paper clip... they look so cute on my cook book marking the recipe I want to try..

As you can see the cook book deserves it anyhow... lol... the cook book itself is an adorable printed cook book full of design bright and cheery..

Another one for Chicken Noodle Soup

So then I had another Idea but this one was helped by a old Pot Holder.. so pretty that I have had for a long while...

The first part I had to rip out 2 times I kept for some silly reason missing one loop.. but finally the third time accomplished it..

Finished now it's time to make the back part of the Pot holder... The back is closed pretty much and simple but it does it well... Once I finish this part I can connect them and add the pretty scalloped edging to it.. Can't wait to get to that point.. besides I can't wait to see it finished period cause I love the original piece..I have already came up with another idea...

The start of the back... going to finish sometime today I'm hoping as long as there are no interruptions hehe..

Be back soon to show you the finished project.. and yes I haven't shown you my other project because they aren't quite done yet..soon though....

Happy Thursday with tons of Love............Janice


  1. Oh darling flowers, Janice. You are soooo talented Susan

    1. Thank you Susan for supporting me hugs

  2. Janice, I never tire of your beautiful creations, they inspire me to pick up the hook. This blog is beautiful, and filled with eye candy and inspiration...

    1. Thank you so much Faith.. I appreciate that very much..