Saturday, 22 February 2014

* So I decided...

*`~ Just decided to make another one, A vintage pot holder that is,  using some vintage blue thread that I had found.. It's a wonderful blue color... I used a soft pink and the blue and a beige .. *

I had ended with the beige but decided to go over that with the pretty blue and I'm glad that I did.. It somehow reminds me of Victorian instead of just vintage 50's .. *

 It's goes sweetly with my Gracie china... *


The back side.... *

I love the fact that each side is a different pattern.......... *

I'm in love with this one more than the Yellow and white... *

See you soon.. I'm working on my yellow and white large doily again.. finally got some more Yellow so state tune..  O and I'm working on a small round pot holder..


  1. Oh Janice....Soooo pretty. Nice job. Love the pastel colors. Susan

  2. here in holland dollies are not something people uses at home...maybe the old generation, dough many woman do crochet...i have a blog i post my little projects, your welcome, i will follow this what your doing...for a long time since myspace i follow your crochet..lovely..blessings