Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New things coming up Yellow............... ******

So I just had been sitting there going crazy because several weeks ago I had cut my finger pretty bad... and it happen to be the one finger I use to crochet with.. I worked on my Embroidery for a while.. but was yearning to crochet.. finally after two weeks I got to take that silly thing off my finger so I wouldn't bump it..
now just wearing a thick bandage.. Yay.. hooray.. lol

So I started in been wanting to make something Yellow & White.. so here goes.. already got the front side done and started on the back side..

I have recently made this is Blue *& White.. and this I so thought moons ago I could never make.. I have an original one that I found years ago... Green Pink & White.. and I adored it mostly...and here I'am making them like nothing..

It really started when I was looking at a old Victoria magazine.. and found a picnic photo so sweet with White pillows and yellow ribbons .. I said hummm I think I have an Idea.. I just recently brought home a small square basket with an attached lid.. so my brain started in.. and I have a good idea hopefully I can accomplish it.. you will have to wait for a while though..............

So then I came up with this other Idea... yes little daisy coasters my first one... isn't it sweet

Front & Back.................

So then when I finished I decided to make a Yellow Rose...

Now I have three pieces a Potholder one Coaster and a Rose....

So I'm off again.....

 I'm doing that same doily I just finished in Pink...  It looks much prettier in person.. I had a hard time getting a good photo..

I'm now a little bit farther than this now.. I'm starting on the second round.. but I don't have anymore yellow so I will have to wait a bit.. so that's it for now... see ya soon... Janice


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to break out my spring color threads & shake off the winter! !

    1. Thank you so much.. I love crocheting and trying to copy old doilies... So go ahead and shake off that winter and start in.. Hugs.. Janice

  2. Beautiful! It sucks when one of your fingers has a bandage! Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Thank you and boy does it.. I was going crazy... and Im feeling much better can finally use it a bit.. Hugs to you too.. Janice

  3. Everything is so pretty. I love the yellow and white.

    1. Thank you Michelle... It looks so soft and warm to me..