Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Busy at home doing new things...

Helo all, pull up a cup of Tea and sit down.. let me show you what I have been up to at home...Of course busy crocheting away...A few years back at one of my favorite places to shop a second hand store.. I found this large doily never thinking I could ever make it.. it had a broken part.. but I purchased it anyhow.. So glad that I did... It start with a pretty rose...

Pretty rose leads to this pretty star like flower..

Second part

They made it with a red rose, dark green and off white..

Third and last part... I just finished the pink.. I'm on the last row and it's lite green I will come back and show you the results.. I'm so loving it.. Hope you do to..
with love Janice.. be back soon..
Happy Crocheting..


  1. Absolutely am loving it, Janice. You are extremely talented. Fabulous job! Susan

  2. Che bello anche qui!Da oggi ti seguo!Baci,Rosetta

  3. Oh this pink loving girl is having heart palpatations!! That is the pretties doily I have ever seen, I can't imagine the ability to see something crochet and then recreate at Amazing and gorgeous!


    1. Thank you... It turned out really pretty.. I copied it from a old one I found at a second hand shop..

  4. Such beautiful doilies! And I like the teacup too....christine

  5. Olá Janice!
    Você tambem faz belos trabalhos! rs... Seriamos ótimas vizinhas!
    Obrigada por simpática visita.
    Um saudavel domingo!


  6. Wow Janice I love this one! I am trying to copy one of your other doilies you made by eye..Its almost done! This is so pretty. Great job.