Monday, 28 July 2014

Crochet with me.... A Autumn Doily Starting with the Flower

Ok here is the deal, I'm going to try to make this Doily and tell you how to.. Not to sure if I can accomplish it. But I'm going to give it a whirl .. I can't read Directions very well and I'm not sure I can tell them either so bare with me.. 
I have listed the colors that I want you can choose whatever colors you wish..

One size 7 or 1.5 steel crocheting needle
One Classic size 10 thread, Aunt Lydia's Golden Yellow
One Classic size 10 thread, Aunt Lydia's Pumpkin
And if wanted to do the last pedal like a green leaf
One Classic size 10 thread, Aunt Lydia's Green

Start:  Attach thread to needle making your knot.  Chain 6, Sl St  into first chain to form a circle.
2nd:  Chain up 5, Dc into circle. then continue Dc, chain two for 7
times...forming the wheel. Total of 8 Dc.

( Making the first row of pedals )

3rd:  To start pedals, Sl St  into the first loop. Sc, then four Dc, and Sc.. repeating 7 more times, to form 8 pedals in all
         At the last Sc, Sl St it into the back side of the pedal so we can form loops for next pedals. 

( Completed first set of pedals )

4th:   After you have Sl St it into the back Chain 6, Sl St into each corner backside of pedals forming a loop.. Right to Left.

( Connecting the loops )

( making the second set Of loops )

I hope that you can see the loop... ( You basically start on one side of the pedal chain 6 and connect in the other end of the pedal ) repeat 7 times so your ending with 8 loops...

Second Row of Pedals:
5th Row:  Sl St into the first loop, Sc, then 6 Dc, and Sc ending with 8 in all. Sl St into the next loop.. Repeat in the next 7 loops.

Next set Of Loops:
Repeat steps above for loops.
6th: After you have Sl St it into the back Chain 6, Sl St into each corner backside of pedals forming a loop.. Right to Left.

( This shows you the loops and the third pedals )

Last Row of Pedals;
7th: Here is where you can put the Green to make it look like leaves,
I left mine the same color your choice..
Sl St into your loop, Sc then Dc, 8 times, ending Sc..ending with 10 in all.  Repeat in each loop total of 7 times..Total of 8 pedals you should have.
connect and tie off.. knot..

 ( All three rows completed )

Flower is complete.

If you have mannaged to understand this and make the flower then I will continue further Please let me know..

Wishing you a great day...
with love Janice


  1. Oh this will be fun! I'm going to get my threads and hook and catch up with you. :)

    1. I thought It would be something fun, I just hope everyone can understand it.. lol .. thanks Pammy Sue

  2. Love the doily! I have made flowers like this before and they are always the 'hardest' part for me.

    1. Really Charlotte, they have become to easy for me now.. Hopefully this will help you.. not to sure if it's understandable.. Hope so.. :)

  3. I came over from Pammy Sues blog and I've started the doily. So far so good my flower is done, now I'm on to the next post.

    1. So happy Sherri that you have joined us.. thanks.. have a great time making the doily and enjoy your day.. Janice