Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Next Step Autumn Doily...

Yesterday I forgot to add the beige color..which I will be using next but this I found at the ThriftTown second hand store which I could now kick myself now that I didn't buy them all at 99 cents...

Ok lets get started. Get your second color you wish to use you can see mine is Beige..
Start by
First row: Sl St into first side of the top of the pedal, Chain 6, Sl St into the next side of the same pedal..( Right and Left again )
Next: Chain 2 and Dc into the middle of the pedals, Chain 2. Sl St into the next corner of the pedal
Repeat 7 more times  till you have 8 in total.

Second row: ( These are triple crochets )
Middle loop thats over the pedal, two Triple crochets, Chain two, two Triple crochets
In between pedals, 2 Triple crochets into first loop Chain two, 2 Triple crochets. second loop between pedals repeat. ( There are no chains between loop to loop )
Repeat all the way around.. last connecting Sl St into last loop.

( If you don't understand something please ask me, I will try to explain the best I can.. I'm trying to take photos that will help to )


Second row:
( I'm not sure how to explain this lol )
Your going to Triple crochet 2 times into the chain 2 spot, chain 2 then two Triple crochets again
and your going to do this same thing into every top of each chain 2 spot. ( does this make any sense..)
You should have 24 in all.

Tomorrow we will start the Orange color or what ever color you choose.  I have already started mine as you can see...
See you tomorrow.. with love
p.s. I hope it's not to mis understanding for you.. I know I need to learn more but what the heck lol.. 
have a great day..


  1. I'm understanding it just fine, Janice, but then again, I'm an experienced crocheter --- but I think you're doing great explaining it! Your pictures are good so they explain it too. Anyway, I got my flower done last night. Ready to catch up again now! I love having someone to crochet with. I don't have anyone to crochet with me around here.

    1. Really I don't really have anyone either, there is so much more I would love to learn.. to bad we don't live closer we could hang out and you could teach me more.. I love your blanket.. its so pretty.. thank you Pammy Sue...

  2. So far so good! Now I just need to go to store to get my 3rd color. I love the pics help a lot too! Thanks

    1. O good cause like I said I'm not good with directions I crochet by eye.. so I'm trying.. I forgot the other color in the first post. can't wait to see yours to..