Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Next step Autumn Doily, Just me & you Pammy Sue..

We need to start with making the chain to form the loops around the doily to be able to form the next step.. The Ruffle
Sl St with your new color into the first Chain 2 space. tie and knot
Chain 6 Sl St into the next Chain 2 space and continue all the way around connect 
and tie and knot

( I think this photo is better )
Second step:
Your going to Triple crochet into the first loop, 6 times in all, ch2, Triple crochet 6 times,
Repeat in each loop. this forms our ruffle.

( There are no chains between the loops, only between the 6 triple crochets )

Almost done... 

Two more...

Join and connect..
Now next I'm going to change back to the Golden Yellow,so you can continue your color by
Sl St into the top of the first triple crochet chain up 4, then continue with Triple crochets in every stitch..
until you reach the chain 2. then your going to Triple crochet 2, chain 2, Triple crochet 2, pick up what you were doing Triple crocheting in every top of the lower triple crochets.. 
Repeating this all the way around.. 
Connect and Sl St into the top of the bottom Triple crochet and chain up four and continue repeating the same as the bottom row.

Me changing my color, started in the Chain 2 spot.  You can complete this all the way around. 

Third row of ruffles:
Repeat row two..
I think this will do for today and keep you busy for a few.. 

So I will be busy doing mine.. 
hope your having fun with it.. 
have a great day with love 


  1. Thank you Michelle, I have tried to write instructions for it several post down it starts..

  2. Love the doily you and Pammy Sue are working on! I just "discovered" your blog thanks to Pammy Sue. I have lots of reading to catch up on. Looking forward to watching your progress on this lovely doily. Happy Hooking! :)

  3. Janice, I'm so enjoying this doily. What a treat! I need to finish the last two rows as yet, but I'll be ready for the next directions to come...