Thursday, 31 July 2014

In The Name Of Progress

I'm so very intrigued with Autumn, I love all of it's beautiful colors........I know it's not Autumn time
But I thought that I would get ahead and crochet some
Autumn doilies anyhow.........

So to continue off from yesterday here we are...

I have been busy putting on the second and third row of the ruffle....

I really love watching the ruffle come to be... 

Autumn is my favorite season... 

Half ways there.. 

I hope that you have progressed too...
Be back tomorrow to show you the next step after the ruffle...
Happy Thursday 
with love


  1. Love the new look of the blog! I'm still right with you. Will put my third round of ruffle on this afternoon. I like seeing the ruffle form too. Glad they're not on the outer edge though because they are looooong rows! Love it and having a good time knowing someone else is making it too.

    1. Fantastic,... glad you like the new look I have had the other for a long while now it was due for a change... So glad your keeping up with me.. I'm half ways on the third row.. can't wait to see your's..

  2. Loving it more and more! And thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Yes, Autumn is my time of year too. All the yummy colors and crisp air!

    1. your welcome.. glad you like it.. I will be done soon. Hope your having a great day..

  3. You know what, Janice? Autumn is my favorite season, too. In New England, it is spectacular. Susan

    1. I would love to visit England Susan.. thanks for stopping in..