Friday, 1 August 2014

After the Ruffle.. here I come..

Mornin,  Here to share the next step of our doily.  This part is to simple It's just chains and triple crochets ....
Your going to start with connecting you thread mine is the Beige color that you used around after the flower..
Sl St and make your knot or however you do yours in the Chain 2 space of the Ruffle..

Lol, I thought I sent the photos to my email and transfered them.. haha not.. brb.. was so busy posting on my regular blog Mz witherspoons about the Quinoa Salad..    this is the link to my other blog.. check it out..

Ok, hopefully you can see the chain 2 spaces where I did it,  So directions are: Connect knot and chain up four, Triple crochet one and chain two, Triple crochet 2, chain 3 and  in next space Triple crochet 2 times chain 2 Triple crochet 2 times repeating in all chain 2 spaces on the ruffle.. connect into the first chain that you did in the beginning. Sl St into the next chain two space.. start second row.

Second row: ( Now mine seem to on  this one curl up a bit.. so the next count of chains that's in between each triple cluster count as 4 on the original, but, I did 5 so mine would sit down.. You will have to see when you do yours.  The first one I made I had no problem but I think that this doily was a bit different I was telling my daughter so I will have to check on that..

So Second row is the same as first basically... Sl St into the next chain 2 space, Triple crochet 2 times chain 2 Triple crochet 2 times.. chain 4 ( or however many you think )

Third row: Same as above with 5 chains in between... ( I did more to adjust my doily, I increased to one more chain I believe.) So Triple crochet 2 times chain 2 Triple crochet 2 times chain 5 Repeat all the way connect into the first Triple crochet

There are four rows of this.
Forth row: your doing the same except for 6 chains in between... Start with Sl St into the next chain 2 space chain up four Triple crochet, chain 2, Triple crochet 2 times and chain 6. next chain 2 space Triple crochet 2 times and chain 2 Triple crochet 2 times chain 6 and repeat all the way around Join and tie off..

I'm on my forth row last one.  After this your going to change colors. And there are three more rows but all the chains in between we are going to connect with the one below.. the last row is done a bit different..

So that's our edging, you can either do it by site.. or can wait for tomorrows post or later tonight I might post it depending on the day.. I'm so excited that we have Sheri now making the doily.Sheri came over from Pammy Sue's blog.  Here  Called Scotty's Place it's a lovely blog, so stop by for a visit.. So Pammy Sue and Sheri.. I can't wait to see your finished doilies. wishing you both and everyone a fabulous Friday
                              with love

 p.s. You know several post back I have started a granny square blanket.. but I wasn't really happy with just the regular square.. but surfing around like I tend to do.. guess what I found.. sneak preview..

A sunflower square.. I thought it was going to be hard but It wasn't at all ... so darn simple .. so guess what I'm making next yep.. and sunflower square blanket.. My squares are large because I'm using a larger needle..but I also have some other ideas.. to show you later on.. So state tune.. Hugs and I'm off ..



    1. O thank you Miva.. I loved your doily.. so glad you replied .. ,xoxo glad to meet you too..

  2. Okay, Janice. I've got it and I'm off to crochet! Hi, Sherri! Glad you are joining us. The more the merrier!

  3. Hi Janice...I know nothing about crochet and am content to enjoy the projects of others. I think you are immensely talented. You make beautiful pieces. Susan

    1. Susan your too good to me.. thank you so much...

  4. Ok I'm ready for the last step. I've had such fun making this doily! Bring it on...

    1. Ok it's comming im just up loading the photos.. and I will be posting in a little I have had fun too with you and Pammy Sue following along..didn't kno if I could pull it off.. thanks ladies..

  5. Hello dear! My that doily is looking so lovely! I am working on my rose garland runner again and loving it!

  6. Michelle I will have to come take a look. have your posted any photos?. and thank you..