Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lol last of the mohicans.. Last step of our Doily.. Ready

Helo Good evening everyone.. sorry been busy and tired out.. but the first thing is I had almost finished up my last few rows and had to rip out two.. because I was talking and crocheting and missed a stitch.. Darn..
Okie dok, you all should be here and ready for the last steps.. I'm on my second row and have one more after this.. three in all.. So now your going to switch colors.. whatever you have made the ruffle with that's what you should be using for the next and last three rows.. okay here we go.....

First row: With your Ruffle color Sl St into the chain two space and knot or however you start.. Chain up 4 and Triple crochet NOT Once but Two times..  ( so chain four and two Triple crochets ) We are increasing the Triple crochets from two to three now.. then Chain two, Triple crochet three times.

You should be looking like Chain three and Sl St on or around  the group of Chains below, Chain three and Triple crochet three times into the next Chain two space. Chain two, Triple Crochet three times  
Repeat all the way around in all the Chain two spaces connecting in between lower Chains with the Chain three and  Sl St around the lower Chain and Chain three..  ( Hope this makes sense ) At the end connect into the last Chain up four Sl St into the next two chains on top of the Triples.  Sl St into the Chain two space

Should be looking like this....

Second row: Pretty much the same process, Chain up Four, and Two more Triple crochets. Then Chain four this times, then single crochet into the top of the Chain connected to the Chain group, Chain four,  Repeating all the way around to the end..  
Now you should be here
 I haven't done the last row yet..

So sorry ladies, but I don't have time tonight to go over the last row.. So I promise in the morning before
I go home and off to Church.. I will post it to you.. .. So have a fabulous evening..

 Now to relax..

with love
Nite Ya'll 


  1. How funny. I came here to say that I screwed up those same rows last night and had to rip it out. Then I was too tired to redo them so I'll be doing them today. My doily is turning out to be much bigger than I thought it would be, but it is really pretty. I hope I can finish today, but we'll see how the first two rows go. I may save the last one for tomorrow.

    1. That is really funny, late last night I had to rip a few back cause I made another mistake.. lol shouldn't crochet when you tired.. I had three more to do on the edging but my eyes were crossed so I went on to bed.. lol.. But I have finished this morning.. I thought mine was larger too but I measured it's the same size.. It's a pretty pattern.. xo