Thursday, 14 August 2014

Here's what I'm up to..

So remember Crocheting Clothes hangers.
I do but the first time I did it was with plastic ones, with yarn.
later on in life I did crocheted ones with Wood hangers and Thread.. 
I had been looking for wooden hangers for a while now
and couldn't find any.. and on line they are crazy in price.
The beginning of the week my son's girl friend wanted to go to another little town about 20-25 mins away
to Savers.. Yes Saver my favorite place that I truly miss so so much. They closed the one in San Francisco
but still have other in other areas
So her and her girlfriend wanted to go thrifting
and when they came  to pick me up I was like hey do you want to go to Savers in Redwood City
well they were like sure and her girl friend said she would drive I was like lets go
and off we went. I was so excited to go me and Mama used to go in the city I bet almost every week
Well anyways to my surprise I found Five for 99 cents.. ha I couldn't believe it

  I had left my other crocheting that I started here at Mama's house..
So I though I might as well start in on my hangers and this is where I'm at with it.

I have a few things in mine how I want to do them.. not for sure yet though.  I'm almost done with the first part.. few more stiches. Then it's sew it together ..
Will see what happens with them.. 

Well to my surprise we had another person who Crocheted last weeks doily as well.. I have to say I had a great time crocheting with you all the challenge was good for me.. 
and I love everyone's choices of thread.. 
Pammy sue was my first follower @ Scotty's Place
I loved the colors she chose

A wonderful job.. love it Pammy sue..

Then there was Sheri @ 
I also loved her colors as well.

Another wonderful job Sheri
 and her was mine

And our later comer who totally surprised my with her color choice
Michael @ 

Just beautiful.. I had a fabulous time Lady's I hope in the future I'm able to do it again
Thank you so much for following along with me.. 
I really enjoyed it
with love Janice
be back soon.. 
Happy Crocheting


  1. Was so surprised to see the picture of my doily. I was like, well, that looks familiar. Oh, it's mine! Hahaha! Thanks for the linky. Loved seeing all the different ones and color choices. All are so pretty. You found a great deal on the hangers! Wow. I ordered some online recently to crochet and got three crescent-shaped wooden ones for something like $10, but that's all they had. I stuck them in a drawer for another time. Listen girl, you CAN read those crochet's really easy. It's self-explanatory, really, and you get used to it. I prefer them now to a written pattern. Just try something easy like a coaster or something. First go online and look for crochet graph symbols, and it will tell you what stitch each symbol represents. It will click with you quickly. You'll see what I mean by self-explanatory. Try it!

    1. Thanks Pammy sue.. I will go check it out soon.. I so want to learn.. your a great friend full of inspiration.. hugs..

  2. Looks like fun! I am working on some angels for someone right now.

    1. I'm enjoying it Michelle.been wanting to make some for a while now .. glad I found some.. can't wait to see your angles. hugs..

  3. if its not to late to make this beautiful dolie I would love to make it

    1. O it's not .. Just go back to older post .. You will see the direction I did small amounts at a time. Be sure to show us what you did and the colors. Thank you.. Happy crocheting Janice