Monday, 13 October 2014


~ * Good Morning Ya'll,
            Just peeping in to share my Flea Market find... I went across the bay to visit my daughter this past week... the week before she had went to the Flea Market where she lived.  Later called me and told me Mama this Lady had tons of old crocheting thread.. lol and my antlers popped up. and you didn't buy it all..
No I didn't have to much money she replied.. So we went Last Sunday morning and I found her and she still had all of it.. Yah hoo...

I just love older thread ...Some where still wrapped in the original covering...

Most of them are full with thread.. a few not but I took them anyways cause you can use them for edgings flowers little heart.. I found two rolls of yarn as well..

I even found on doily in dark blue.. and a ton of Embroidery thread.. boy what more could you ask for. I have more crocheting thread but only posted a few..

I thought this was a good idea.  She had them I'm sure the person who owned them bagged and labeled by their color number.. they are inside these short snack plastic bags..

these too are just a few I have a bunch of different colors.. really nice.. I got all the stuff for 15 dollars and like I said I have more.. I would have just about spend that on only three crocheting threads.. So yes I think I'm set for the Winter. lol.. truly though.. I don't have to go out and buy anything.. with this and what I have I'm good.. My daughter law asked what you going to make.. I'm not really sure but I will think of something.

Have a wonderful day.. O, p.s. didn't get to finish my doily yet.. the grandchildren wanted a tea party so duty calls first.. with love Janice


  1. Wow! What a deal! You can use the embroidery thread to make doilies also. Can't wait to see what you make with all of this thread! I buy thread and yarn at yard sales also.

    1. Fun and exciting right.. nothing better.. to always be on a treasure hunt and find threads from before.. ty for stopping in..

  2. i dont crochet dollies, cause in holland we dont use that, they are lovely and tipical for old households..cozy...i love them...i also crochet but other your passion for crochet..