Friday, 21 November 2014


Stopping in to share with you one of my doilies I made months back... Sorry I haven't posted I have a lot going on and have only posted on my regular blog. Mz Witherspoons Rose Cottage.

This actually a first part to a larger doily I loved it so much I made several in different colors.. I have one that I would love to complete in white pink and green.. I'm hoping one day I can make the whole doily..

The first one I made in white green and purple and I gave it to this old woman who i met she was at the hospital when I took mama one day.. she was crocheting wash cloths.. and she talked with me for a while so I felt the erge to give the doily to her but I had to run to the car to get it.. she was a older lady I think in her 80s had walked to the hospital.. she was so happy to receive she said just what she had been looking for.. it was indeed a wonderful day..

Happy Crocheting with love Janice....


  1. I just love all your creations, Janis. You are immensely talented. Just when I think doilies are a dying art, you come along! Thank goodness you are making such beautiful items. Susan

    1. Thank you my dear Susan.. My greatest fan.. You give me inspiration to keep going .. Happy evening with much love

  2. Hiya, Janice! I'm starting a new doily like the one we made in your Doily-Along. This time I'm using two colors of blue and off white. Now I have to go back and look at all your instructions! I'm going to write them all down in one place. If you want a copy when I'm finished, I'll email it to you. Miss you when you don't post! Hugs.