Tuesday, 12 April 2016

All finished now

        Good afternoon dear friends I have finally finished my blanket and pillow...

        I couldn't decided what edging I wanted so I just made this one.
A round of double crochets then loops on top of that, it looks much better 
In person...
        In all 49 large squares...  But I totally enjoyed making all the colors...  Something that I 
Had wanted to do for several years now.  And I did it...YAY
        The pillow that I made to go with it...
       The end result....

        THE BACK SIDE...
        I'am Very content with the finished products....

Happy Crocheting, with love Janice



  1. It all looks wonderful. I quite often chose simple borders. I just like them.

    1. Thank you Michelle, it just seemed to have worked..

  2. YOur handiwork is amazing! You are so talented!