Thursday, 19 May 2016

Just busy as a bee...

Im so very sorry for my absence, lately seems to just be busy only mataining my main blog.  I have been crocheting just havent been able to put it on post.  So this morning I will share with you my wreath that I have been doing.  It finally finished I just need to sew it all together..
   The little bird I made to go on the wreath, I decided that I wanted not a flat one but 
a actual visual one.  I couldn't find a youtube video to make one but I did find this one 
woman used these little bands she crocheted them together never seen anything like 
It.  So what I did was follow along making stitches with yarn instead of the bands and
Here it is.  Very happy with her.

   Here's my wreath...
   The flowers and leaves that I made...  The flowers I made up myself and the leaves I found
on youtube..  

   Now just need to sew everything onto the wreath and hang her on the door...
I also finally tried to block my large doily ...

   It takes some patience to accomplish this task but I did it.  Though I think I needed some more 
pins to make the ends more better but I didn't have them.  So this will work for now.  Happy 
crocheting with love, Janice


  1. You are so talented. I cannot do any thing like you do, by yourself! Your work is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Bille, it took me years to reach this level. But now a days you can get on youtube and learn so much.