Monday, 25 July 2016


     Good morning ladies...  
I worked yesterday on my pillow case instead on my doily.  I needed a change of pace.  And I have been doing this forever..  So yesterday I finished up all the roses.  And then finished up the leaves...

     There is quite a bit to do. I had found these two like new pillow cases while thrifting just for a couple of dollars.  I was so surprised they were so cheap..  
     They have tatted edges on them in white...  So I decided to use my rose transfer on them...
     So my new goal is to get this one finished and start the other and completed right away, well hopefully.  I stayed up late last night trying to get more done...
          My vintage sewing basket which I love dearly.  
     It is where I keep my pillow case and some embroidery thread...  A pair of sissors and my two hoops.   
     Almost ready for the french knotts.  Just a couple more vines to do then the french knotts and I will be all finished...  There are just two vines left...
     I used full thread because I wanted the roses and embroidery to stand out...  My winter comforter is bold with roses and pink strips..  So I made them just as bold...  So it's off to finish up.  Wishing you a great Monday and a fabulous new week..
             Happy crocheting, and in this case Happy Embroidery... With love Janice


  1. That is very lovely stitching there. Jack is working on some very involved pillowcases.

    1. Thank you Michelle, it keeps me going for sure. Love n hugs

  2. Your embroidery is beautiful! : )