Friday, 22 July 2016

My word I finished...

     Good evening my dear crocheting friends,  I have finally finished my first instructions by book doily.  It was indeed a challange.  But I got throught it and finished.  The last three rows were taking foe er it seemed like..
     They were three rows of single crochets, the last being singles with picots..  
     The hardest part was the star points.  As I think I mentioned before this book gave half written instructions then the rest was diagram.  And it happen to start with the start parts... Really I said, because I just couldn't figure were these little clusters went, being that I don't really know how thoses work either.  I ripped that part out at least three or four  times..  
     It is deying now, I did not block it completely with pins i washed it and stretched it and lightly sprayed it... And I'm ok with it...

     So now its time to finish up this doily.  Have a wonderful weekend with love.  Happy crocheting 
      With love Janice....

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