Monday, 11 July 2016

Just three more rows...

Good late evening, I just sat down after cleaning the dishes and kitchen...  Was gling to try to finish up my late three rows on my doily.  But I think it's a bit late now.  So I will just post to you where I'm at now...  Which is three rows away from the finish.
     Do you see these star points, boy I struggled with them.  The first two rows were hard for me to figure out..  As you know I crochet by eye,  this is probably my third attempt in my 35 years of crocheting bye eye...  I didn't always have a lot of time raising five children plus.  These past five years I believe I have learned much more.  
     The book had half written instructions and then from I think rows 9-32 was follow the diagram..  Which I'm just learning to read as well.  And that is where the star points came in and I just couldn't figure how they went.  So after ripping it out a few times I sat it down..  
     Woke up one morning and told God ok, please help me to focus and figure this out... And guess what I did it...  Yay me thank you God for your loving help...   
         I'm now on my very last three rows which I can't wait to finish up ...  And then I want to finish up my other deep aqua one and I have another one I want to do out of this book I have.  So I should be done soon...  

One more row of white then the last in aqua I think with picots..  Have a blessed evening
With love Janice...       Happy Crocheting....


  1. Lovely doily !!!!
    Thanks for your visit !
    Have a nice day !

    1. Thank you Ana and your welcome. Have a nice day too

  2. Your doily is beautiful. Oh what a wonderful Praise report. I so love that you prayed for help and He opened your mind so that you could "get it". I know I often pray for Him to help me as well. With Him we can do anything. God's just awesome that way. :)

    1. Thanks sweetness, and God is awesome like he always amazes me with the smallest of things. Have a sweet day. Thanks for joining me.

  3. Hi Janice, wow you are so talented. I love your crocheted piece. Praying for our minds to open and "get it" always is a blessing.
    You did it and the work is gorgeous. Happy Crocheting dear one!