Wednesday, 28 August 2013

If you end up commenting here ( My Embroidery)

Helo everyone, I have been Embroidering this evening between caring for Mom.. I have these two pillow cases I found with tated edging on them.. so I decided to Iron on some Roses to match my bed.. and are Embroidering them in Pinks...

Im adding this darker color on the high lights. .

There is a lot of work to do.. I can't wait for the finish

I haven't done any serious Embroidering for a long while.. not sure how good my stiching is but I'm working on it....

That's what I have been up to today, besides caring for Mom. 
Hope you had a wonderful day..
P.s.  (~ * Some of you might be having a problem commenting on my other blog. You have to click on the date to go the full post and down the bottom of the page is were you can see the comment box.. If it happens to continue please tell me so I can figure out what is going on..ty..)


  1. It's coming along nicely! I also haven't done any of this in many, many years!

  2. Hi Janice, I wanted to learn to crochet but I'm just a little tied up to join a class. I'm so impressed by your skill, knowing you just taught yourself. So which ones are you selling? I would love to see some colourful ones. I'm your new follower anyway. Come and visit my blog when you are not too busy.

    Enjoy your autumn.



  3. Beautiful Janice. Keep it up ........I cant wait to see it when you are finished!