Friday, 30 August 2013

New Works in the making..

Well It all started yesterday when I was trying to make this crocheted coaster.. But I didn't have the right size thread or needle. But I wanted to try to make it any ways and it came out find.. but just smaller..I'm trying to teach myself how to read the instructions..

So I had this pretty yellow tea towel, and this pretty blue crocheting thread..So I said I was going to put and edging on it with this blue and use the blue flower I made as well  So far this is what I have done..

Here's the flower coaster to little hehe. ..

I have a idea like always floating around in my head.. so I hope it works out and the results are the same..
We will see soon..

Have a great day and weekend by back soon
Janice ...


  1. Oh Janice...That is going to be lovely.

    Got caught up on some of your earlier posts, too.

    You are SO TALENTED.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    You are amazing!

    Your work is beautiful. Susan

  2. Susan my big fan.. I love it you help me motivate..thank you .. hugs

  3. Blue and yellow always goes good together. Very pretty!