Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Embroidery update and crocheting.. French knots

I'm not sure that I'm like where my  pillow cases are going.. but I'm working on French knots.. That was one of the things i never have seem to been taught.. I had tried over the years but never could figure them out.. I just realized that there is You tube for that so I got on there and found a tutorial and here they are I think maybe I should have practice some before hand but all in all they came out pretty good..

I'm using a full piece of thread instead of three strands like I usually do..the key is to hold down the string with your finger after wrapping it around the needle, while your holding it pull the needle with the string down close to the material then release the other part.. I never knew this.. so that's why mine never worked.

I also made up my own jar topper, I had seen some in a small book but I couldn't understand the directions so I thought I'd make up another one of my own.. I did one other one as well.

                                                   Here is the first one I ever made..

O my tea towel is going well. I have finished the one edging and now doing a small edging on the opposite side.. then I will sew on the flower..

Now that this is almost finished.. I'm not going to start anything new.. I have so many projects going I need to finish them all up..

So see you soon with a update .... Janice


  1. You have a lot of projects going on at once Janice. I like the jar toppers and always wondered myself how the embroidered pieces had the knobby attachments made.

    1. I do I seem to get something in my mind and off I go starting something new.. half way through the last.. but eventually I get them done.. ty for stopping by..

  2. Hi Janice, I think you were born to crochet. You seem to have the eye for each knot and weave. Have you done a tea cosy before?

    Happy crocheting away.


    1. No but I keep saying I want to make one..

  3. Thanks for the visit. You do such lovely work yourself!