Thursday, 8 August 2013

Just a few more stitches...

Helo, everyone, I have started the very last row...Hooray I have finally figured something out and have
almost completed the vintage pot holder..

Half ways around the end... two more sides to be done..

It's really nice in my opinion. I like the way that it turned out.. It more reminds me of a Victorian pot holder than the 50's
It's very lacy I just have to put the hanger on and it's all done. then I want to finish up the red round doily. lol I put it down to try to make this.. 
I actually am getting lost again .. so I need to back up and finish a few before doing more.  But, when I get the notion for something I have to try and do it.. 

Well it's all finished now.. I couldn't seem to grab a good photo of it though It has turned out really beautiful..I'm very happy with it.. Thank you for dropping in have a great day  Janice

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  1. It's a beautiful work of art, Janice. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Have a lovely Friday. Susan